On June 1, 1993, M.P.T was established by the owner and managing director Willy Hubler.


The idea of an international commercial firm for mechanical components was originated in Switzerland. 


Willy Hubler has lived in Sweden for 30 years and came to know the language and its people. 


In addition he made business transactions of mechanical components with Switzerland and developed his own concept with which the customer is placed as the top priority. M.P.T. exposes itself together: Mechanical Part Trading and referring to a commercial firm with a special export activity within the mechanical field. Inquire about technical parts in the form of designs, sketches, or samples.  Afterwards there will be a detailed investigation and clarification of all manufactures possibilities existing today.  Submit  M.P.T. Willy Hubler your free offer and/or tell us of your needs. 


We are completely knowledgeable of individual parts, in the matters of complete building groups, with which we look for the most favorable manufacturing, and take the full responsibility of a timely distribution. 

If you should need developmental assistance, single sample production, inform us directly.  We also have a network of specialists available to assist you.


Most of our contacts are ISO 9000:2000 certified.  Furthermore, ordered parts are shipped with an inspection report and all the usual control documents can be supplied to you.  We describe our organization and processes in a MANAGEMENT MANUAL.  The most modern secure delivery programs ensure that products are received promptly on time and you will be notified of any possible delays.


Our Vision:

The customer is a partner.  A cooperation that aims to be everlasting and not left to chance, so that in the future M.P.T. Willy Hubler remains the correct choice. 

M.P.T. Mechanical Part Trading

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